Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SALT Branding - DexOne

So, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away there was a photographer and a blog and a ton of really cool, exciting new work and this complete inability to get the work on the blog...but here goes with the new years resolution for 2011...wish me luck.

Sometime, way back in the barmy summer of 2010, we got the chance to take a long drive to sunny Denver and meet some fantastic folk from DexOne - they're busy redefining the phone book - not easy stuff. Anyhow, they got us to shoot an entire image library to match the incredible new brand they got courtesy of SALT Branding. Thanks DexOne, SALT and the incredible crew that worked tirelessly to shoot some beautiful photographs. Seriously, I loved it, love the shots, and who knows maybe I'll get around to showing a few more off one of these days.

Thank you to Lea, April, Margo, Jill, Paul, Laura, Doug (the unluckiest man alive), Vicky, Sarah, Ryan, Tiffany and last, but never least Mat. It was a ton of fun.

Client - DexOne
Agency - SALT Branding
Creative Director - Paul Parkin
Art Director - Doug Becker
Account Manager - Laura Nielsen
Producer - Vicky Frenkel
Stylist - Sarah Thompson Lift
Stylist Assistant - Tiffany Wojciak
Assistants - Ryan Yoakum and Mat Dunstan

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