Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stephen P. Herchak: DLR Group

Stephen and I just finished a mammoth undertaking of formalizing the relationship of DLR Group with their existing and future photographers; the purpose of which is to ensure high quality imagery that is delivered in a timely fashion. It was great fun to help produce the piece and I think it will help the whole group nationally.

"Alistair has been a fabulous resource to me in my education on the special nuances of digital photography and how the end product differs compared to the scans from transparencies I was previously acquainted with."

"He was always willing to field my many pesky questions quickly, all with good cheer and humor. Not only was he able to get me to understand the issues involved, but he did it in a way I could pass on to other people, some of whom with no previous experience of the photographic process so they could understand and apply that information as well.

"This knowledge was a tremendous aid in our push to improve marketing efforts -- once you got past his accent, of course."

"Stephen P. Herchak, Senior Graphic Designer
DLR Group Marketing"

DLR Group

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nicholas Segura: Spyn Design + Marketing

I recently worked with Nicholas on capturing a whole bunch of new models for 385 Talent; it was tremendous fun and the talent is exceptional.

"Alistair is a GREAT photographer. Recently our models at needed some shots and Alistar was very professional and accommodating. We got great shots, files, and appreciate the help!"

"Nicholas Segura, Partner
Spyn Design + Marketing"

Spyn Design + Marketing
385 Model & Talent

July Cover - Kansas City Homes & Gardens

The Barker residence has finally been featured in Kansas City Homes & Gardens and the best part was I got the cover; thanks Andrea. This was a fantastic shoot and I love the look of the cover shot they selected.

Kansas City Homes & Gardens
Art Director - Andrea Darr
Assistant - Neil DeKrey

Leavenworth Apartment - Kansas City Homes & Gardens

I had a great shoot with the wonderful Andrea Darr of Kansas City Homes & Gardens; which was incredible fun having had a chance to be on their cover this month. The subject of the shoot was a unique apartment, home to Meredith Timmons, her lovely daughter and extremely photogenic cat, located in downtown Leavenworth with a fantastic photo studio, Misty Bull Photography, immediately below it. Thanks to everyone for all their help.

Misty Bull Photography
Kansas City Homes & Gardens
Art Director - Andrea Darr
Assistant - Adam Windle

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Portfolios

Woohoo! I finally got around to linking all the new portfolios to the blog site; you can use the menu bar above or click on the links below and please give me feedback on what you think of them.

Main Portfolio

Monday, July 7, 2008

KC Mag; Columnists Portraits - Anthem Media

We had a wonderful Sunday photographing the KC Magazine Columnists the week before last and got to work in the Power & Light District and the Plaza. Thanks to all the columnists for their time on location and all the businesses for their wonderful hospitality.

KC Magazine
Assistant - Ryan Yoakum, Adam Windle and Jacklyn Acker


Here's the whole clan. If you haven't met the team they are Sequoia, Aine (pronounced Awyna) and Bigsby. They're very good fun and this was all from a mass dog shoot at the studio.

Accardo Arts District

Another great shoot for the Accardo Arts District. This time we got to photograph the SHS building exterior and the interior of the Broadway sales office (that's now available for lease) as well as the 310 W 9th building. Some great buildings and congratulations to the Accardo folk for their ongoing preservation efforts.

Accardo Arts
Art Director - Chris Accardo
Assistant - John DePrisco

Townsend Incorporated; Wall St KC Pool - Matt Sheperd Advertising

We had a ton of fun over the weekend hanging out at the newly opened pool at Wall Street KC. It's a superb facility and could almost tempt me to consider a condo (if it weren't for the three dogs, a cat and a horse I have to consider). The pool is a fantastic addition to the project and it's really popular with the residents. Thanks to JD for the beer and mystery party of folk for the asian ribs - definitely made for a fun shoot.

Townsend Incorporated
Matt Shepherd Advertising and Design
Art Director - Matt Shepherd
Assistant - Ryan Yoakum

Shine Spa - Urban Times

Urban Times led me to another new location that I hadn't seen before, this time it was Shine Spa. A wonderful spa located right in the heart of Westport. It's got a great mix of services from traditional spa treatments through to yoga.

Shine Spa
Urban Times
Assistant - Bryce Napier

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Shatto Milk Soap - Sullivan Higdon & Sink

After a lot of consumption of their product it was nice to get a chance to photograph it. If you haven't tried Shatto Milk then I have to recommend you do; it's quite simply fantastic and with the launch of their new milk soap products I had the chance to work with the team at SHS to capture their new packaging designs.

The copy is fantastic, as is the product, check them out at a retail outlet near you.

Shatto Milk
Sullivan Higdon & Sink
Art Director - Rose Gaynor and Seth Gunderson

Copaken White Blitt and LMA - Hillcrest Bank

This was great fun with a new client; Hillcrest Bank. We captured some imagery of their clients at Copaken Blitt and the Livestock Marketing Association to put in their Annual Report. There's a whole bunch more great photography from the employee shoot coming up.

Copaken White Blitt
Livestock Marketing Association
Hillcrest Bank
Art Director - Terri Monrad
Assistant - John DePrisco

KC Mag; Wine Cellar and Nursery - Anthem Media

This was a strange combination; a wine cellar followed by a nursery. Two great locations and a lot of fun on the shoot. Thanks to the home owners that welcomed us in and the artisans that helped create these wonderful home features.

KC Magazine
Assistant - Bryce Napier

Remiss - Aine

Well, it was a tough month, hence a little slow down in blogging. I've had some great shoots and those will be rapidly uploaded after this post. After twelve wonderful years our beloved dog Remiss unfortunately passed away. She has been my wife's constant companion since she was weaned from her litter mates and has been a wonderful friend to me since we first met four years ago.

Of course we couldn't stay a two dog family for long and Angela soon found a gorgeous Great Dane puppy that we've fallen in love with and named Aine (pronounced Awyna).

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