Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stephen P. Herchak: DLR Group

Stephen and I just finished a mammoth undertaking of formalizing the relationship of DLR Group with their existing and future photographers; the purpose of which is to ensure high quality imagery that is delivered in a timely fashion. It was great fun to help produce the piece and I think it will help the whole group nationally.

"Alistair has been a fabulous resource to me in my education on the special nuances of digital photography and how the end product differs compared to the scans from transparencies I was previously acquainted with."

"He was always willing to field my many pesky questions quickly, all with good cheer and humor. Not only was he able to get me to understand the issues involved, but he did it in a way I could pass on to other people, some of whom with no previous experience of the photographic process so they could understand and apply that information as well.

"This knowledge was a tremendous aid in our push to improve marketing efforts -- once you got past his accent, of course."

"Stephen P. Herchak, Senior Graphic Designer
DLR Group Marketing"

DLR Group

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