Friday, May 30, 2008

Urban Photo Safari 2008; I'm a winner! - Alistair Photography

The results are out and yea verily I'm a winner...a joint winner. There ended up being over sixty entries and the other winner was a fantastic location portrait by Kevin Sisemore. It was an absolute pleasure to participate in the Safari and it was great fun to see all the different views of Kansas City. Thanks to Doug for organizing it, the guys at Indicia for hosting it and of course everyone for participating.

Great fun and make sure you're there next year!

Urban Photo Safari 2008
Kevin Sisemore
Dog - Bigsby

Thursday, May 22, 2008

KC Mag; Amuse Bouche and Summer Sweets - Anthem Media

Woohoo! Foodtastic; I had a great afternoon today cruising to a couple of wonderful Kansas City restaurants and capturing some fabulous food items. I got a couple of excellent assignments at City Tavern and Melbee's and I really enjoyed working with the chefs and staff at both places - thanks for all your help.

City Tavern
KC Magazine

Kevin Fullerton: Springboard Creative

Kevin and I recently collaborated on his own website imagery and the Art+Copy Cheeky Awards collateral; he was an absolute pleasure to work with and really committed to the unique creative that we captured.

"While Alistair's great eye was what initially made me want to work with him, it was his highly-collaborative style that made me choose him. I came in with what I wanted, and he "plussed" it. What he added to the process made the final result exceed my expectations."

"I also work with Alistair on the Art+Copy board. He did an outstanding job as special events chair. He launched our newest event, the lifetime achievement award recognizing a creative individual in the Kansas City advertising community. The event was a huge success because Alistair threw himself into the project. I've seen him do that on several things. He just doesn't know how to do anything half-way. I look forward to a long working relationship with him."

"Kevin Fullerton, Owner / Creative Director
Springboard Creative"

Springboard Creative

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Urban Photo Safari 2008 - Alistair Tutton Photography

This was a wonderful day; I've seen the event for a few years but I always manage to miss it. So this year I was really happy to see a link to the event before the event at flow14. I had a great 14 hours zipping around the map and checking out locations new and old and wrapped it up with a shoot with the ever photogenic Bigsby.

Urban Photo Safari 2008
Dog - Bigsby

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

George Weyrauch: Blacktop Creative

George and I recently collaborated on a "Lunch and Learn at the Kansas City chapter of the AIA. It was a wonderful experience; from drafting the presentation to actually delivering it in person I really enjoyed working with George and I really appreciate his ongoing support (especially now I'm shooting for Blacktop).

"How many photographers do you know that can stand in front of a professional organization as a photographer and speak to branding? In first Q08, I had the pleasure of preparing and presenting a speech to a large group of professionals at Kansas City chapter of the AIA on 'Branding and Photography' and I was blown away by how as a photographer, Alistair gets branding!"

"I have been in this wonderful world of Advertising for over 20 years and have only on a few occasions met a photographer that when hired to do a photo-shoot for a client wanted to understand the brand first before he ever looked into the lens. He captures and promotes, visually, the brand of each client that he works for. Alistair is an ultimate professional and an incredible person to work with. If you have not taken the time to see his work, do it now at"

"George Weyrauch, Director Business Relationships
Blacktop Creative"

Blacktop Creative

Friday, May 9, 2008

Eckhart Tolle - Unity Magazine

Today we got the wonderful experience of working with Eckhart Tolle in a shoot for Unity Magazine. He's a best selling author in the Oprah Winfrey book club and simply a fabulous person. I'd definitely recommend taking a look at his book.

Eckhart Tolle
Unity Magazine
Art Director - Toni Lapp
Assistant - Bryce Napier

St. Mary's Episcopal Church - Urban Times

We had a chance to check out one of Kansas City's oldest surviving buildings today. With its 120th anniversary coming around the corner St. Mary's is a beautifully restored symbol of the architectural magnificence that Kansas City was founded on. For this shoot I got a chance to play around with the HDR inside of PS CS2 - those acronyms stand for "High Dynamic Range" in "Photoshop Creative Suite Two". Which basically means I let the computer munch it's way through a dozen or so images to blend the extreme lights and extreme darks in the space. They came out pretty well; but I'm going to see how Photomatix (another software for this type of thing) works out.

Urban Times
Assistant - Bryce Napier

Sunday, May 4, 2008

KC Mag; Dream Jobs - Anthem Media

Just finished up a doozy of a series of environmental portraits. It'll be in the June edition of KC Magazine. This was a wonderful article based on people and their "dream jobs". I must admit it was fun meeting the head brewer at Boulevard, walking out on the grass at Kauffman and checking out the Presidential Suite at the Speedway. But of course my favorite is ChefBurger - I love the food, the space and the branding.

Boulevard Brewery
KC Royals
Kansas Speedway
KC Magazine
Assistant - Bryce Napier

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Townsend Incorporated; Brandeis - Matt Shepherd Ad.

Another great trip to the Northern wastes of Omaha and this time I got to see a whole bunch more of the downtown nightlife; it's pretty darn good. Especially when it's not 14 degrees outside! We also had a fantastic shoot.

The Brandeis building is an incredible piece of architecture that's having a fantastic overhaul. It's a former department store that turned into an office building that then had a bit of a down stretch. But now things are looking up. The big highlights, beyond the great condos, are the two huge atriums and the top floor that is entirely open.

Townsend Incorporated
Matt Shepherd Advertising and Design
Art Director - Matt Shepherd
Assistant - Ryan Yoakum

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