Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Congratulations SHS and Shatto Milk!

So the AAF-KC ADDY Awards and the AAF Regional ADDYs have wrapped up and we just wanted to wish a massive congratulations to SHS and Shatto Milk. We are proud of our long relationship with both SHS and Shatto Milk. Alistair Tutton Photography had a great night locally with wins for imagery we shot for Liquid 9, Houlihan's and the Vox Theatre. But the big win was for Shatto Milk - a whole bunch of Gold locally and of course the big Best of Show at the District Nationals.

The images we shot appear on the Shatto social media feed and we also shoot the competition entries. It's wonderful to work with such a great product and such a wonderful agency.

Congratulations, good luck at nationals and we're looking forward to the next big win!

Shatto Milk
Sullivan Higdon & Sink
Creative Direction - John January
Art Director - Seth Gunderson
Copywriting - Jonathan Vigliaturo
Copywriting - Garrett Street
Talent - Shawn Howard

Friday, March 25, 2011

Jet Test Cell - Burns & McDonnell

We had a really unique photoshoot earlier this year all the way down in Mississippi - it was a bit of a surprising one. When we pulled up to the exterior of the building it was very utilitarian and stripped down, and although we knew the function we had no idea how cool the interior was going to look. Basically it's a jet test cell for the Navy. They test small jet engines that go on trainer planes. The two views we're sharing are inside the test cell and feature one of the jets they would actually test there. The photographs are a head-on and reverse angle of the cell. You can see the control room, the exhaust and the in-take to the cell. It's a pretty amazing location and thanks to Burns & McDonnell for letting us photograph something so unique - you'll see it in the new portfolio, we're really pleased with it.

Burns & McDonnell
Assistant and Retouching - Andrew Hoxey

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kansas City - Time for a New Mayor!

Congratulations Kansas City! Tomorrow you'll wake up to a new mayor (we will probably find out that name this evening). I was very fortunate last year and KC Magazine sent me on a shoot to photograph each of the main mayoral candidates; Mike Burke and Sly James, Deb Hermann and Jim Rowland and of course, the incumbent, Mayor Funkhouser. It was a great shoot, and as it was my first time being eligible to vote for a mayor I really appreciated the opportunity to personally meet each one of these fantastic individuals. Good luck to the winner and thank you to all the candidates for their service to the community.

PS. While I may have a favorite, that's my secret with the booth, but I'll be honest I would love either of the two final candidates to be in office - we are spoiled for choice in my opinion.

KC Magazine
Assistant - Layne Haley and Ryan Yoakum
Retouching - Andrew Hoxey

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The holidays are a time for doing what we want

The week between Christmas and New Years is normally a time for relaxing and recovering from the over stimulation of presents, comfort food and celebrating. Not here, that week is set aside for shooting test shots we've been dreaming about all year long. This year we were inspired by a few shots we had seen in PDN and other places and wanted to see what our creative minds could get up to when given a week of free time to play in the studio. Our friend, Layne Haley was up for the challenge to work with us to test techniques and lighting scenarios to shoot raw ingredients in a clinical way. We took 4-5 days to shoot individual items like fruits, eggs and other raw foods. We had a great time and thought we'd share the best shots with everyone. Enjoy and next time you are recovering from your holiday hangover just think we'll be playing in the studio and creating magic on our own terms. We love what we do.

Retoucher - Andrew Hoxey
Assistants - Natasha Frederick
Special thanks to - Layne Haley

Houlihan's + Road Trip = Success

We have been working with Houlihan's restaurant for years and were invited recently to shoot their private dining rooms around the country. We thought what better idea than that to take a road trip. Late nights, open road and beautiful restaurants welcoming us in...we call that heaven. We were challenged by Houlihan's to produce images that represented the architectural feel of their private dining rooms. By blending the room lighting with subtle additional lighting we captured that intimacy. Late night photo shoots are always good for interesting stories to tell and some that shouldn't be told. Let's just say we are proud of the work we did and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The final shots shown here are from the Devon Seafood Grill in Chicago and in the end they even won us all an Addy Award.

Client - Houlihan's
Art Director - Dean Woods
Assistants - Ryan Yoakum and John DePrisco
Retoucher - Andrew Hoxey

We Christened the New Studio with Pasta and AIPC

We got to break in the new studio in the Fall of 2009 by shooting some work for the American Italian Pasta Company. We believe in carbo-loading to prepare for hibernating during the winter months so this came at the perfect time.

We worked for a month and a half creating pasta dishes that would make your mouth water just looking at them. Thanks to Anne Fisher for making all the pasta dishes look so amazing. We worked with the client, who was off-site, to get an entire library of images approved to use in their product packaging, advertising and in-store promotions. We are excited about the final shots and we celebrated with a bowl of spaghetti.

Client - AIPC
Agency - Global Prairie
Creative Director - Asher Johnson
Art Director - Sarah Huerter
Food Stylist - Anne Fisher
Assistants - Ryan Yoakum, Nichole Evans, Layne Haley

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