Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Christened the New Studio with Pasta and AIPC

We got to break in the new studio in the Fall of 2009 by shooting some work for the American Italian Pasta Company. We believe in carbo-loading to prepare for hibernating during the winter months so this came at the perfect time.

We worked for a month and a half creating pasta dishes that would make your mouth water just looking at them. Thanks to Anne Fisher for making all the pasta dishes look so amazing. We worked with the client, who was off-site, to get an entire library of images approved to use in their product packaging, advertising and in-store promotions. We are excited about the final shots and we celebrated with a bowl of spaghetti.

Client - AIPC
Agency - Global Prairie
Creative Director - Asher Johnson
Art Director - Sarah Huerter
Food Stylist - Anne Fisher
Assistants - Ryan Yoakum, Nichole Evans, Layne Haley

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