Friday, February 11, 2011


Hi all, you may have seen some mention of a new puppy recently. It's kind of a weird story. In the depths of mid-winter, on that particularly nasty cold day a couple of weeks back while people were off crashing their cars into each other on the hire our neighborhood hero/mailman was off on his chilly rounds. He's a particularly wonderful human being our Jeff, and also a giver of dog biscuits to our friend Quoia (the ginger love of my life) and he spied a furry, black lump shivering in the corner. It was Baxter, wearing a very dapper jacket. Jeff dropped him off with our neighbors, who posted some flyers and knocked on some doors and then needed to go out to lunch...

...and that's when Baxter came to us. He's pretty sassy and he's pretty smart...and we're working on the whole usual growing from a puppy to a dog thing with the skillful use of squeaky toys and biscuits. But I've got a feeling Baxter's owners aren't coming for him, so we could be in for a fun ride with a new studio dog.

Please join me in welcoming Baxter* to the family and feel free to drop by and give him a cuddle or a biscuit or both. In the meantime Quoia, Aine and Bigsby are 'adjusting'. They're providing a lot of free corrective advice, particularly regarding the ownership of a variety of squeaky objects.

*Or any other name we wind up finding for him in the near future - we're kinda partial to playing with those names...

Talent - Aine, Baxter, Bigsby and Sequoia
Assistant and Retouching - Andrew Hoxey


Layne said...

Congratulations on the new love.

Bigs looks hilarious <3

Meg Lubis said...

What a cutey! I really admire you taking him in. Cheers. Let me know if I can contribute to the squeaky objects fund.

Alistair Tutton Photography said...

Thanks Meg and Layne - he's awesome. He definitely wants stuff to chew on - bones are his friends.

I totally forgot how tiring it is raising a puppy. While you can cage them you can't put a diaper on them and he's really good at waking me up for walks at 2am. Luckily we'll be out of this pretty soon.

Melanie H said...

Best family photos ever! Your doggies are beautiful. Baxter has no idea how lucky he is to have joined your family. Too bad that his hours are so similar to a human baby, but as you point out, it's temporary. Congrats!

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