Sunday, February 25, 2007

Take Two – Helix Architecture

Take Two just moved into a beautiful video production facility located in downtown Kansas City. Designed by Helix Architecture, this was a great interior architectural photo shoot and I would definitely recommend checking them out at one of their social gatherings.

Take Two
Helix Architecture + Design
Assistant - Ryan Yoakum

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Omni (Addy) Awards - I'm a Winner! (Still)

Alrighty then; known as the Addy awards outside of KC these are called the Omni's inside of KC - don't know why, I'm just there for the shiny stuff. This time we picked up one silver for the incredible Feng interior photo shoot - thanks Willoughby, one silver for the horse portraiture - thanks Cabbie, and a silver and a bronze for the Bigsby mailer - thanks Bigs.

The BEST part was seeing Willoughby pick up a Gold for the Feng photos in their custom brochure. Love to see the clients win.

Willoughby Design Group
Art Director (Feng): Zack Shubkagel
Assistant: Angela Needham, Bigsby, Cabbie

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Scion Exhibit - George P. Johnson

I just got done photographing the wonderful Chicago auto show and yet again George P. Johnson had the pick of the show with an incredible Scion Exhibit.

George P. Johnson

Sunday, February 4, 2007

AIGA Awards

Unfortunately I missed the awards ceremony but luckily my clients did not! Willoughby won a fantastic series of awards that included a coveted "Juror's Choice" for their Feng branding (featuring my photography), and an environmental award for their Feng graphics and their Westside Transit Oasis Bus Shelter (captured by my photography).

Willoughby Design Group
El Dorado Architects
Art Director Feng: Zack Shubkagel
Art Director Oasis Bus Shelter: Nate Hardin
Assistant: Angela Needham and Melissa Dehner

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