Sunday, February 18, 2007

Omni (Addy) Awards - I'm a Winner! (Still)

Alrighty then; known as the Addy awards outside of KC these are called the Omni's inside of KC - don't know why, I'm just there for the shiny stuff. This time we picked up one silver for the incredible Feng interior photo shoot - thanks Willoughby, one silver for the horse portraiture - thanks Cabbie, and a silver and a bronze for the Bigsby mailer - thanks Bigs.

The BEST part was seeing Willoughby pick up a Gold for the Feng photos in their custom brochure. Love to see the clients win.

Willoughby Design Group
Art Director (Feng): Zack Shubkagel
Assistant: Angela Needham, Bigsby, Cabbie

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