Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why Just Use a Regular Chair, When You Can Have A Piece of Art?

3 Axis is one of our wonderful Rosedale neighbours and our paths have crossed before - most recently at Arrowhead where they built the insanely cool 12' tall football helmet for the sports science exhibit - it's cool. So when they came up with an idea for a line of plywood stools we leapt at the chance to photograph them. These are wonderful and they literally are made out of half a sheet of plywood each.

Assistant - Adam Caselman

Thursday, October 13, 2011

We think all our work is art. This one actually is.

George Rousis is a great friend and an incredibly talented artist - he works in hand forged steel and other metals. Recently he needed some new images for an upcoming show. Here's one of the pieces from that shoot - apparently it mimics the graceful curve of the female form, I just think it's really sexy, and in the detail you can see the tool marks from how George formed the metal by hand.

Organic Iron Concepts
Assistant - Adam Caselman

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kansas City's Winningest Sports Team and It's Amazing Stadium

Kansas City finally embraced football (the round one, from England) last year and built the new Livestrong stadium. It's an incredible facility and the Sporting KC team responded by delivering an almost unbeaten at home season. It's pretty exciting watching all the new soccer fans that have been created as well as the die hard supporters.

Sporting KC
Turner Construction
Assistant - Adam Caselman

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