Sunday, March 30, 2008

KCB; Williams & Williams Auctions - Anthem Media

This is one of the stranger shoots I've been on ; I got to spend a whole day tagging along with a team of Auctioneers from Williams & Williams and it was quite the experience. I was able to see several houses on the East side of Kansas City that I don't expect to see again in the near future and witness them being sold for as little as $1,000.00 then we went out to Bates City (it's that part of Kansas City just before we reach St Louis...) and saw a huge family house being picked up for a great price. I would definitely recommend checking out the auctions to see if you can find investment properties or even a new home and the team from Williams were superb to hang out with.

Williams & Williams Auctions
KC Business

Houlihan's - Chain Leader Magazine

I just finished up a fantastic food shoot for the folk at Chain Leader Magazine of Houlihan's spring menu. There's some fabulous new items on the menu and we had a great experience working with their executive chefs in their corporate kitchen. The toughest part on the shoot was that we had to set the backdrop and capture the food in about 200 square feet!

Chain Leader Magazine
Reed Business
Art Director - Ala Ennes
Assistant - Ryan Yoakum

Wireless No No...

Okay, so with the fancy new camera I picked up the Canon WFT-E2A; which is a fancy wireless file transmitter that enables you to interact with your computer as if you were tethered with a cable. You can do all the fancy Live View, remote shooting gymnastics and the files come straight into the editing software.

Sounds cool hey! But in practice the software or the connection just simply won't work for these file sizes or the speed of shooting. My experience was that when I filled the buffer up it would crash the EOS Utility software on the laptop and force you into rebooting the computer and with a 22MB body and a forty second download time per image that buffer is pretty easy to fill even when shooting architecture. So it went back to the maker...

Here It Is:
Canon WFT-E2A

Sunday, March 23, 2008

GlobalShop 2008 - Amuneal

Without a doubt this is one of the most outstanding exhibits I've ever seen. It was absolutely beautiful. I've still got to do the final edit on this, but I had to get it on the site. It is simply outstanding.

Oh yeah, and they're really nice folk too!


Home Design; O'Connell Residence - Anthem Media

I got a chance to work on another great interior by Bill Poole at Driftworks. This one is in the new condo building designed by El Dorado architects on third and Delaware - it's an incredible building and it was published in Dwell last year. Chadwick had us shoot a wonderful series of images to capture the furniture (from Retro Inferno) and the beautiful layout of the interior.

Retro Inferno
El Dorado Architects
Home Design
Art Director - Chadwick Brooks
Assistant - Bryce Napier

New Body for Alistair Tutton Photography

Yep; it finally happened. I swapped in for a new body. Unfortunately I still have my love handles - but I also now have a brand new shapely Canon 1Ds Mark III, or bloody big camera. It's been four years in development and it was definitely worth it. Beyond the megapixels it's got more color, more dynamic range, a better interface with the computer, more customization, a better processor and it's lighter! It's been making some very pretty shots and it's definitely time I got it. The photo is of the new body with the old body in the background - not much difference in that view except the fancy numbering...but trust me it's better.

The only complaint I have is that it's a little slow on the buffer - probably because it's trying to stuff 22MB of data into the card at five frames a second...but it's still a complaint!

The best review I know of it is by Bryan Carnathan. He does wonderful Canon equipment reviews. The Canon site is here.

The best part of buying the new body was actually buying it locally and not going through the usual internet vendor. Photographx did a wonderful job of getting the product in while there was a national shortage and it reminded me of how much fun it is to purchase products at a store!

Here It Is:
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Peanut - Urban Times

I've got to say that this one was great fun; I've always liked the wings and who doesn't love bacon? I had a superb time hanging out with the crew at the original peanut location on Main. If you haven't been there you're REALLY missing something that is unique and special in Kansas City. It's the oldest bar in Kansas City and has a ton of character and personality. Oh yeah and if you like soup forget it. Apparently they only have one soup; it's coffee flavored, only comes in a cup and tastes great with made me giggle.

Urban Times
Assistant - Bryce Napier

New Digs for Alistair Tutton Photography

I just started shooting in new digs! All the editing and office stuff is still happening back at Genessee but I'm going to be shooting all kinds of new studio work in my 2,500 square foot studio in downtown Kansas City. It's located on the corner of 10th and Broadway and is simply fantastic. If you fancy a tour give me a call and rest assured it's got a well stocked fridge!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sprint Studio - Sprint Nextel

I just wrapped up a great shoot at the new Sprint Studio this week. It's an incredible new store format that had the grand opening this Wednesday night. It features a breathtaking fusion of cutting edge technology and the latest in retail design techniques to create a truly unique environment. Congratulations to everyone involved in the design of the project.

Sprint Nextel
Two West
Art Director - Ryan Gorham
Assistant - Ryan Yoakum

Monday, March 3, 2008

Gallery Night Mailers - Ad Club Kansas City

Another great Art+Copy event requires a wonderful mailer and that's where I came in. I had a wonderful time capturing some custom imagery to promote the "What's Your Outlet?" theme.

Ad Club - Kansas City
Art+Copy Club
Spyn Studio
Art Director - Luis Garcia

Sunday, March 2, 2008

385 Models & Talent

I got a chance to work with 385 Model & Talent and my good friends Nicholas and Luis over at Spyn Design this weekend. It's a brand spanking new modeling agency focusing on representing ethnic minority talent in the local area. They've got some incredible new talent that's fresh to the market and they have a really unique idea that I think is really responding to the needs of local agencies and magazines.

385 Model & Talent
Art Director - Luis Garcia
Assistant - Bryce Napier

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