Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Neighbours. They Rock, literally.

My neighbours (English spelling) are wonderful - they've been there for a couple of years and they are really nice guys. They're also in a band. So I trade photography for them playing our annual studio piss-up - it's kinda a win-win as I love working with them on their covers and I love hearing them play. For this one we did some simple images on a white backdrop and they're working with an illustrator, Chance Bone, to add some unique feel to the final photography. We're currently working on a new concept shoot with them that's shaping up really nicely and they just did a project providing audio for a video for the Buckle.

Antenna's Up
Illustrator - Chance Bone

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tech N9ne Salue: Our First Time with Tech.

The first time we got to meet Tech and all the folk at Strange Music was with the Salue video for Big Scoob. In this one we didn't do anything but open the doors of the studio for them to shoot the video. It was really good fun to hang out with everyone and watch the video unfold.

Tech N9ne
Strange Music
Location - Vox Theatre

Friday, August 5, 2011

Wired Magazine - for my Mum

A few months ago I had a fantastic opportunity to go to Mississippi and photograph a Jet Test Center for Burns and McDonnell; it was an absolutely fantastic project, with a truly unique feel to the interior. We posted it on our blog, put it into the portfolio and didn't think anything more of it. Then it wound up on (thanks Brent Anderson) and got about a thousand hits in 24 hours, which felt nice. Then the next week Wired Magazine called wanting to feature the photo. Ironically it was the UK's edition of Wired Magazine, so I got to translate for the mother country and even chatted with the writer, not knowing I would end up being quoted in the article.

Definitely a first, and my Mum finally got to see some of my work first hand.

Wired Magazine - UK

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