Friday, March 25, 2011

Jet Test Cell - Burns & McDonnell

We had a really unique photoshoot earlier this year all the way down in Mississippi - it was a bit of a surprising one. When we pulled up to the exterior of the building it was very utilitarian and stripped down, and although we knew the function we had no idea how cool the interior was going to look. Basically it's a jet test cell for the Navy. They test small jet engines that go on trainer planes. The two views we're sharing are inside the test cell and feature one of the jets they would actually test there. The photographs are a head-on and reverse angle of the cell. You can see the control room, the exhaust and the in-take to the cell. It's a pretty amazing location and thanks to Burns & McDonnell for letting us photograph something so unique - you'll see it in the new portfolio, we're really pleased with it.

Burns & McDonnell
Assistant and Retouching - Andrew Hoxey

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Unknown said...

nice, but take a look at what a bigger version looks like:

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