Friday, August 1, 2008

Samantha Murray: DLR Group

Samantha is an incredible designer and a fabulous client; plus she's English so we don't need a translator to work together! But on a serious note the Spa project was a fantastic interior and I'm really excited at the future interiors we'll be photographing together this year.

"Working with Alistair on "The Spa Tuscano" shoot was a joy: pure and simple."

"His obvious love of photography shines through in both his personality and his work. Alistair's attention to every detail, his patience, and his understanding of the personal investment a designer has in a project makes him one of, if not the best, photographer I have had the pleasure of working with."

"I know that even if I am not awake at the crack of dawn shoot, Alistair will make sure that we get the best shot with the best light and that it will be staged perfectly. Our goals for the shoot are Alistair's goals and I have no doubt that he will always ensure that those goals are not just met, but exceeded."

"Alistair captured the essence and beauty of the Spa and did it right the first time ~ without the need for digital enhancement. This, along with his amazing talent, sets him apart in my opinion."

"I consider Alistair an important part of our team and I am looking forward to completing more projects with him in the future."

"Samantha Murray, Interior Designer
DLR Group"

DLR Group

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