Thursday, April 26, 2012

On the road...Again and Loving It!

So, I'm on the road a lot...a lot in my opinion, I know there's folk out there that travel more, but it feels like a lot! And I've grown to really enjoy it, luckily, last year we did about 30 out of town shoots, and ended up with a little over 100 days on the road and saw so many fabulous places and met some cool people. This set of shoots are part of AWG's annual report - capturing a whole series of retail interiors for them - it's a lot of early mornings, over a dozen locations, a thousand miles of travel and a lot of spinning of cans to make them look perfect. The results are great and we'll share a couple of the finals with you when we get to the end in another week.

But for now we've been set the challenge, by Kate, to capture a unique snapshot with a special product at each location - it's definitely made it interesting, hunting out the unusual products. Today we were in Bryant, AR at a Food Giant, and they are "The Meat People". And yes they are - here's a snapshot Adam caught of me slobbering over the 1 1/2" thick t-bone's and porterhouses that were bigger than my head.


Associated Wholesale Grocers
Photographer - Adam Caselman


Meggan said...

Hilarious!!! I hope to see more of your "unique snapshots." You've set the bar pretty high...!

Alistair Tutton Photography said...

There's more coming Meggan - and you'll like them.

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