Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The importance of impartial input to your business.

We all know how it goes…you've created something. Whether it's an image, a piece of art, a campaign or even a recipe it's something you spent your time and energy creating. The creation of anything, whether creative or not is an emotional event. It's exciting, exhilarating and wonderful. You have experienced a range of emotions surrounding this amazing thing you've created. The downside is you've experienced this range of emotions and now you are emotionally connected to this creation. So when it comes time to decide how to edit it, share it, ditch it, promote it or sell it you can't separate yourself from the emotions you now feel for it. And the emotions aren't always good ones. Let's face it not all projects go as smoothly as you want them to. Some projects take more out of you than you anticipated. Some projects weren't as exciting as others.

Does that make the work any less impactful? Not to the end viewer, but sometimes you have trouble seeing past the emotion and experience of the creation to be impartial. It's these times when you need to engage and rely on the input of someone you trust to be impartial and help you select the best of your work to represent your talents and skills.

We trust our portfolio to the talents of Amanda Sosa Stone. She takes a years worth of images and culls them down to the few we need to showcase on our website and in our printed portfolio. She has the amazing knack of looking at an image for what it is, not how it was created, what the experience was like shooting it or GASP how much money we made or didn't make creating it. We benefit in more ways than we can count by having someone like Amanda as part of our team.

Check out her work on our latest website update.


Amanda Sosa Stone

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