Saturday, February 23, 2008

Craig Deister: Blue Bike Architects

I have been capturing the incredible work of Blue Bike Architects for the last two years; during this time I have not only had a great time working with John and Craig but also captured some truly stunning work that forms the cornerstone of my early portfolio pieces.

"Building a new Architectural Firm from the ground up has required a lot of hard
work, dedication and most importantly finding the right consultants to work
with us to make the plan come together perfectly. BlueBike Architects is
constantly interviewing and interacting with various types of professionals to
assist in our work. One area that we are totally comfortable and completely
confident with is our photographer for capturing completed BlueBike Architects
Architectural Projects - Mr. Alistair Tutton."

"Mr. Tutton and his company consistantly deliver extremely high quality images
for our use in promoting the firm. My business partner and I have worked with
some of the biggest and most expensive photographers over the past 20 years,
and what we have found with Mr. Tutton is that he communicates, presents his
professional opinion and does deliver a high quality product on time."

"Oh behalf of BlueBike Architects, I strongly recommend Mr. Tutton and his company for any of your photograph needs."

Craig Deister, Principal
BlueBike Architects"

Craig Deister: Blue Bike Architects

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