Saturday, February 23, 2008

Erin Benda: Anthem Media

Erin led me a merry dance as I tried to get a chance to shoot for Anthem! It took about six months of pestering and cajoling but it has definitely proven worth it. Many of the great assignments that they have had me cover have become cornerstones of my portfolio and they have allowed me a wonderful level of creative freedom and inciteful direction as I have captured work for multiple mastheads.

"After being wooed by Alistair's svelte English accent and cheeky sense of humor, we decided try him out on an assignment and the photos were wonderful! He has a keen eye and a knack for capturing the true essence of the moment. Whether it's a person, place or thing- his images always make the viewer feel like they're right there, next to Alistair, as he's taking the shot."

"Alistair is one of the few photographers that I can trust to take an assignment and run with it, usually without an art director, and get amazing results. I've never gotten my proofs back from Alistair and thought "I wish he would've done [insert wish] instead..."

"Erin Benda, Creative Director
Anthem Media"

Erin Benda: Anthem Media

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