Saturday, February 23, 2008

Terry Needham: Needham Realty, Inc.

Needham Realty is an incredible independent realtor who is a phenomenal buyer broker. Beyond those projects that Terry has spearheaded on behalf of his clients he also dabbles in home renovation for some truly majestic gems such as this house on Oak Street that he restored to its former glory.

"I retained Alistair Tutton to photograph a 100-year old Victorian bungalow that had been completely rebuilt because it was clearly evident from a review of his prior work that he understood how to photograph architectural interiors and exteriors. Alistair's training in architectural and design gives him a keen eye for perspective, view point and light in a manner that brings key features into sharp focus. His photography manages to take something that is already very special and make it seem totally extraordinary. He has a rare creative gift and it is a joy to work with him."

"Terry Needham
President: Needham Realty, Inc.
Founded in 1976"

Terry Needham: Needham Realty, Inc.

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