Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Capturing The Architectural Redesign of Helzberg Diamonds

Last year I was excited at the opportunity to do some architectural photography for Helzberg Diamonds. I was asked to photograph the interior re-fits of a whole series of Helzberg locations. The projet involved a lot of late nights, some interesting travel stories and some great experiences. The photographs we've included below are from the flagship location here in Kansas City. We are lucky to be so close to their flagship store located on the Country Club Plaza. The new merchandising cabinets are absolute works of art and the overall design of the stores is breathtaking. From the flagship - to the mall locations - to the free-standing stores - they are consistently brilliant.

In carrying out the shoots we had the chance to meet Parke Wellman, the architect who is responsible for this incredible redesign and she was gracious enough to say some very kind words about our work:

"I discovered Alistair and his team at the last minute, reviewed his extensive portfolio and determined that he has the eye for detail a retail space requires for photography. His schedule and flexibility dovetailed well with a retailer demands and needs. The multiple store photos turned out as expected and priced very competitively! We will be working again very soon."

Parke R. Wellman, AIA, RDI - Divisional Vice President - Store Design, Construction, & Visual Merchandising

Thank you to everyone at the Helzberg locations in Kansas City, Chicago, New York and San Antonio for making sure each location was well prepared and for providing the elements that made for such a beautiful end result.

Helzberg Diamonds
J.E. Dunn
Assistants - Andrew Hoxey

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