Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Google Data Network Coming Our Way

Ironically it's not all about photography at the studio, we try to stay very involved with the local community around the Vox Theatre. Recently I was approached to work with other local business owners to try and get a Rosedale business owners group up and running (Rosedale's the neighborhood where the studio is located). It's been both a challenging and really fun process, where I've been able to meet some wonderful business owners and civic leaders and it's a very rewarding part of the job. Recently Kansas City, KS got the good news it would be the community benefitting from Google's installation of a 1GB/S data network and so we hosted a meeting to discuss it and got some great attention from the local press. If you want a giggle feel free to look at my on-air persona...Media Links: Channel 4 Channel 41 Kansas City Business Journal


Lee's Summit Curtains said...

It seems that your efforts were rewarded being the beneficiary of Google's data network. This is free of charge, right? and, what would be the more immediate and tangible benefits Kansas City will get from this data installation?

Alistair Tutton Photography said...

The press coverage was definitely free! I suspect that the Google service will be around the current costs for broadband for commercial businesses like mine - when it finally arrives.

The tangible benefits for Kansas City will be an ever improving KCK - we've come a long way recently and this is really exciting stuff for us. I'm still skeptical on how having faster internet on our end will really help us - but it can't hurt! Immediate benefit is all that publicity. Ultimately the benefit for KC overall may be the proximity to KCK in that they may choose to expand this service locally before going to a different region.

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